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Slide HOUSING SERVICES & PRODUCTS Properties & Land. We sell properties ready for living or to restore to your liking. Land if you want to design your own dream home. Restoration Services. We offer full restoration services including licenses, architects, builders, notary's and paperwork. Maintenance. Not here all the time and want to keep the maintenance of the house or rent it out when you are not using it? We offer a full and complete service. YEHAAA, LETS GO trending_flat HOW THIS WORKS trending_flat TELL ME MORE trending_flat House Renting Taste what is like to live in an amazing
house located in a undiscovered
paradise like Galicia.
TAKE ME THERE trending_flat

Slide PAPERWORK GET STARTED We are experts in the paperwork involved in buying and restoration of properties.

For non-EU citizens we can also offer advice on the Golden Visa program giving the possibility of permanent residency then Spanish passport.

Comming in early 2020 we will also start to offer the possibility to explore Galicia so you can sample the lifestyle of the "RĂ­as Baixas" area in many different ways. Take me there!